Rapid Games FAQ

1.) When speaking to customers about Rapid Games we explain doing a full KYC check when creating a new user account in our system. This always raises the follow-up question, “What is a KYC?” KYC or Know Your Client/Customer is the process of a business, identifying and verifying the identity of its clients. Today I read a great article on the Biometrica Systems website called Casino KYC 101 read more about it here http://pos.li/5fgn

2.) Is Rapid Games internet gaming? No, while the Rapid Games platform uses many web and mobile smart phone technologies it is an on-property gaming solution. We use geolocation fences drawn around partner properties to identify the site a player is visiting in order to deliver local branded content. Then using local Wi-Fi players are able to access game content from servers hosted on tribal sovereign land.

3.) How does your Geo-fencing work? Geo-fences are a feature in a software program that uses the global positioning system (GPS) or radio frequency identification (RFID) to define geographical boundaries. Using GPS coordinates we create a virtual barrier around a partner site. When a player is inside of these boundaries they are able to access Rapid Games content, when they step out side of the barrier they can no longer play content for real money but can still see their personal data.

4.) With Rapid Games available on the iTunes store why don’t you have to pay Apple 30% on transaction fees? Everyone knows that sales of intangible goods (e.g. game credits, music, books, premium apps and upgrades) are required to use App Store payment, and thus incur a 30% fee. What a lot of people do not know is that Apple has guidelines on Gambling applications that allow you offer your application on the iTunes store and use your own transaction partner. Find out more here: http://pos.li/6N0V

5.) How does a player signup for Rapid Games? If a player has an iPhone they go to the iTunes store, download the application, create a user profile and link a payment method to the account. If they have an android device they go to bit.ly/gorapid, download the application, create a user profile and link a payment method to the account. All in all it takes less than a minute to Rapid!

6.) Are the Rapid Games player’s phones considered gaming devices? Players B.Y.O.D. (Bring Your Own Device) phones are considered technologic aids or viewing displays under our current NIGC and GLI certifications from BMM Testlabs. All gameplay happens on our game server with the exact result displayed on the players device through the use of an iframe.

7.) When playing a Class II game how is the Game Winning Pattern awarded? As the bingo balls drop, the first player to daub the Game Winning Pattern will be awarded the Game Winning Pattern prize. Every player has the same chance per card, per ball draw of being the first person to daub and win the Game Winning Pattern. This player will be awarded the pari-mutuel Game Winning Pattern prize and have its value credited to their account.

8.) If my casino property has machine count limits, how do you handle it? When a player logs onto our platform, we track the user’s geolocation as well as other details such as what type of game the player is engaging with. Depending on whether the game selected is a Class II or III, we add their session to the appropriate machine count pool for that site. Once a machine count pool is at its limit, we present players with a friendly message that that particular machine count pool is full. Then we offer them other like game types to play in available machine count pool

9.) How are W2G lockups handled? The system is designed to allow players to continue to play, where they want to play, until they are ready to handle the needed forms for their W2G winnings. They are alerted to the W2G win and all of those W2G winnings are locked away into a W2G queue that can be viewed on the players Cash Out screen. When they are ready to unlock these funds; they must speak to an attendant, fill out all needed paperwork and the attendant can then unlock the W2G winnings using our Evolve System.